Welcome to Monkerai Mini Foxie Stud

Monkerai Mini Foxies is a small, family owned Miniature Fox Terrier stud located on our farm in Armidale NSW. We have a passion for these brave and intelligent little dogs. They may be small, but they have a big heart, and lots of personality! We have selected our breeders from long, established lines, which has a background of show winners. We are members of the Mini Foxie Club Australia (MFCA), and are MFCA Registered Breeders.

Our Mini Foxies are part of our family and love to help on the farm. They may not have been bred as sheepdogs, but they certainly do a great job with all the passion they can muster! Rats and mice are a thing of the past at our place, these little dogs are better than any cat! They are very faithful and follow us everywhere! They are a dog that loves life and pursues every day with joy!